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Shawnee Rios - Loves a slow morning jog, coffee all day long and getting clients accurate, professional looking invoices in a timely manner.  Over 20 years billing and bookkeeping experience, started her career in Washington DC and moved to Los Angeles in 2002.  Certified in Quickbooks Online and is a Quickbooks Online Accountant Professional, member of the GLAALA and ICBUSA.  Trained in ebilling on Collaborati, CounselLink and Legal-X.  Works daily with QuickBooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, LeanLaw, Bill4Time, Timeslips, Clio and eBillity.  Maintains great working relationships with multiple CPAs to prepare clients books for tax season and tax planning.  Specializes in law firms but also has clients in the music industry, retail, spas and engineering. 

Ammanda Rios - Rarely seen without her earbuds in enjoying her music.  She is also the resident gadget geek and keeps us all up to date on the newest releases in both professional and personal technology.  As a Certified e-Billing Hub professional she is knowledgeable in a multitude of ebilling systems and has other ebilling technology professionals at her fingertips.  Her love for technology and attention to details makes her the perfect trainer for any of our client’s needs.  She has trained many billers from some of the smallest and largest law firms as well as training staff on accounting systems in other industries including dealerships and insurance firms.  Works daily with Elite, Bill4Time, QuickBooks Online, e-Billing Hub, LSS, Legal-X, Legal eXchange, CounselLink, CounselLink P2, TyMetrix (T360) and Legal Tracker.

Dev Inder Robello - An animal loving, book reading free spirit who has worked as an Office Manager/Bookkeeper for Law Firms, Homeowners Associations and Investment Companies. With experience using Timeslips, eBility, Collaborati, Clio and QuickBooks, there is nothing she likes better than getting her clients their information correctly, and on time. With work experience in Washington DC, Las Vegas NV and St George UT, she has worked with established accounting processes, and has experience getting systems started from scratch. With extensive IT experience, including a certification as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, she loves working with new systems and overcoming challenges.

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